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Uzbekistan`s GDP for 2023 reached 1.07 quadrillion soums

The economy of Uzbekistan in 2023 grew by 6% - to 1.07 quadrillion soums (about $90.8 billion). GDP per capita increased to 28.98 million soums ($2,468), the Statistics Agency reports.

The volume of gross domestic product of Uzbekistan at the end of 2023 at current prices amounted to 1.07 quadrillion soums, according to data from the Statistics Agency under the President.

Economic growth compared to the 2022 level reached 6%. In dollar terms at the average exchange rate (11,741 soums), last year nominal GDP amounted to $90.8 billion, which is $10.4 billion more compared to 2022. More details on GDP will be published in a separate report from the Statistics Agency on GDP production.

GDP per capita amounted to 28.98 million soums (about $2,468). This figure increased by 4.07 million soums, or 16.3% in soum terms (by 9.4%, or $213).

The growth in the industry is estimated at 6% - 655.8 trillion soums. In the total volume of industrial production, the share of manufacturing industry was 84.4%, mining and quarrying - 8.4%, electricity supply, gas, steam and air conditioning - 6.7%, water supply, sewerage, waste collection and disposal - 0 ,5%.

The volume of agriculture, forestry and fisheries increased by 4.1% - to 426.3 trillion soums. Analysis by category of farms shows that 63.1% of the total volume of agricultural production comes from dekhkan and subsidiary plots, 29.8% from private farms, and 7.1% from agricultural organizations.

The construction sector grew by 6.4% (to 149.86 trillion soums), services - by 6.8% (470.3 trillion soums).